The National Communications Authority (NCA) has announced that it will begin to sanction Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Advertisers, Value-added Service Providers (VASPs) and Content Aggregators for unsolicited electronic communication abuses.

According to NCA, the move follows complaints by Ghanaians about the spate of unwanted calls and text messages sent to consumers by the service providers.

The Authority has therefore directed mobile network operators, advertisers, value-added service providers and content aggregators to immediately cease all auto and unconsented subscriptions and stop the transmission of all unsolicited messages.

“The Authority further drew the attention of Advertisers/ MNOs, VASPs and Content Aggregators to the fact that failure to adhere to the directive will attract the imposition of the applicable sanctions pursuant to the NCA schedule of penalties,” NCA noted.

In an advertorial by the Authority, it said it has collaborated with the Data Protection Commission to ensure that electronic communications are transmitted to only consumers who have consented to the service.

NCA to start sanctioning network operators, advertisers over unsolicited messages

“Prior to this directive, the NCA in collaboration with the Data Protection Commission had taken some measures to ensure that Advertisers, MNOs, VASPs and Content Aggregators transmit Electronic Communications to only consumers who have consented to the service,” the NCA said.

As part of efforts to nip this in the bud, the Authority said it will deploy a Do-Not-Text/Call (DNT/C) portal for subscribers to forward such complaints to.

The advertorial added “the portal when deployed, will allow consumers to input details of infringements so MNOs, who will be connected with it, can take the needed action. Details of the DNT/C will be announced later.”

The Authority further cautioned the general public to be cautious when sharing telephone numbers with strangers and at public events where there is no disclaimer notice with regards to data protection.