The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed regret about the high incidence of drug trafficking and peddling in the country, saying failure to tackle the menace would derail economic gains chalked so far.

“The issue of particular concern to all Ghanaians now is the menace of drugs, which seem to permeate our society… and this canker needs to be nipped in the bud in our quest for national development”, it said.

A statement in Accra signed by Baba Jamal, Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, to mark the 28th anniversary of June 4 Uprising said: “The chaos that characterised the period of June 1979 should not be allowed to rear its ugly head again.”

The Party also observed that Ghanaians could only enjoy freedom and peace when the populace became convinced that efforts were being made to eliminate corruption and abuse of office.

It said the Government had the responsibility to ensure that corruption was monitored by quasi-State institutions like the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and other law enforcing agencies, adding that such bodies must be well resourced to play their roles effectively.

The NDC entreated all Ghanaians to be vigilant and play their watchdog roles well in order to make leaders of various sectors of the economy more responsible in accordance with the June 4 ideals of probity and accountability.

The Party also urged bodies designated to supervise elections to perform their roles without fear or favour and with outmost integrity, saying; “if they do not, the NDC will surely use legal means available to seek redress”.

“Multi-party democracy gives us the opportunity to use the ballot box to express our disgust at what is wrong with government and we pray that Ghanaians will take pride in that power and take action at the right time.”

The Party said freedoms must always be protected through national unity, exercising moderation in times of debate, so that maintaining peace would become the responsibility of all.

Source: GNA