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NDC’s UK and Ireland Chapter holds Appreciation Day Event

As part of activities to galvanise its rank and file, the general membership of of the U.K and Ireland Chapter of National Democratic Congress (NDC) held its first face-to-face programme post COVID-19 on Saturday 5th March 2022.

The event which brought together key stalwarts in the party is one of the proactive activities being rolled out by the leadership to ensure its’ readiness for Election 2024.

The event paved way for notable discussions on the party structures and functionalities. There were speeches delivered by various chapter executives to enumerate the state of their portfolios post-election 2020 and plans into 2024.

In his opening remarks, the Chapter Organiser, Adamu Musa thanked members for their continued support and tenacity to respond to the call to serve.
He also touched on some of the challenges being faced by the average Ghanaian and how the atmosphere in Ghana is currently yearning for a drastic change.

Next in line was the Chapter Youth Organizer, Comrade Alfred Freddy Kotogbor who highlighted the various activities he and his department has spearheaded post-election 2020.

Notable among them was youth mobilization - where through the formation of the TEIN, he has managed to bring students, academics and various workers in the Universities and colleges together.

His submission was quickly followed by the Chapter Women's Organizer, Comrade Mary Gardiner who equally thanked members for the good job done and for the sacrifices both leadership and members committed into election 2020.

She stated that the NDC won the 2020 election and decried how the people's verdict was stolen from the NDC. Comrade Gardiner encouraged women to continue to play an active role in the party but hastened to add that “in all our endeavours as a chapter, if there was no love amongst us then obviously our effort would be crowned in defeat.”

The Communication Officer, Comrade Simon Aworigo touched on the fact that communication was everyone’s business hence in the run up to the 2020 election he was very impressed that both members and chapter executives played active roles in diverse ways to project the party.

He highlighted some of the challenges faced by the communication bureau in terms of logistics but was quick to add that the chapter leadership was always available to cushion and salvage the situation.

The Zongo caucus coordinator, Comerade Issakar Sannie, also appreciated the chapter executives and members for their support in the effective coordination of the Zongo caucus.

Comrade Sannie believed that the NDC did its best in 2020 but there is still more to be done going into the 2024 polls.

The next item on the programme was carried out by the hardworking Chapter Secretary, Comrade Michael Dzidula Kudiabor.

Comrade Kudiabor first seized the opportunity to thank all members for the effort and dedication going into election 2020.

He acknowledged the immense contribution by each member in the chapter in terms of cash and kind in the lead up to election 2020.

He was moved by how various individuals in the chapter adopted branches singularly but still came to the chapter level to donate to support the party’s activities.

Comrade Michael Kudiabor further appreciated individual members who contributed their widow’s mite into various funds organised by the chapter.

He paid special recognition to the organisers of the COVID fund on behalf of the chapter to support members during that difficult period.

The committee was made up of professionals both in the health, legal and social service sectors to ensure members and executives who contracted the virus were given the needed support.

These coupled with a host of others were some of the good contingency measures instituted by the chapter leadership to ensure the welfare of all members were well taken care of during the period.

Comrade Kudiabor encouraged both leadership and membership to continue to be each other’s keeper; united under the Umbrella.

The event gave the Chapter leadership an opportunity for the recognition of the team at High Cross United Reformed Church and especially Madam Claudette Reid and Rev. Dr John Campbell.

Chapter Secretary Michael Kudiabor invited his predecessor former Chapter Secretary, Sam Quaye to join the Chapter Leadership on stage in presenting a citation to the team at High Cross United Reform Church which has worked with the chapter for the past 17 years.

Rev. Dr Campbell picked up the citation on behalf of the Church team. The International Relations Director for the NDC, Hon. Alex Segbefia also received a citation for his continued support to the chapter and his selfless commitment and dedication to the NDC as a whole.

Members and executives gave out generously during the fund raising led by Co-MC for the event and women's organiser for Glasgow Branch, Miss Vera Hayibor.

In his remarks, the Chapter Chairman, Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba continued to show appreciation to his fellow executives and members for all the hard and good work done so far.

He was more excited that under his tenure and leadership a lot has been achieved as a chapter despite all the challenges the chapter has surmounted in recent times.

Chairman Mbalba indicated that the membership drive keeps growing astronomically because of the key contribution by everyone.

He further encouraged members to use the Chapter's current successes to encourage more individuals to join the party.

Victory, he believes, has not been won yet but the aroma in the air is such that the NDC can easily project 2024 as being won.

Chairman Mbalba preached cohesion and tolerance to all members and reminded them that in spite of our individual differences, members come from the same NDC root.

He admonished leadership and membership to always resort to dialogue and eschew words of provocation that is likely to stir up conflicts within the chapter especially now that the chapter will be holding its internal elections.

In his closing remarks, Chairman Mbalba is of the view that the current happenings in Ghana is a clear indication that the country is being led by a clueless government.

A government that thrives on lies and deception and has resorted to intimidation to prevent people from calling them out for who they are.

Chairman Mbalba therefore tasked all members to continue to be resilient and give their best at all times as the commitment of members to the struggle will depict that sort of future being laid down for the next generation.

The Guest of Honour, Alex Segbefia equally paid significant gratitude to the UK & Ireland Chapter for the good work done and how they continue to support the mother party at all times.

He further seized the opportunity to express enormous appreciation to the chapter executives on how they have been able to coordinate affairs even during the pandemic to ensure the activities of the chapter were not curtailed at any material moment.

The former health minister went on to applaud the chapter in the formation of new branches as part of activities to increase membership drive.

Mr. Segbefia believes this is highly commendable, hence, the chapter executives must take credit for such initiatives.

In addressing issues on internal matters, he touched on the need for members to continue to work hard but do that in line with the party’s constitution.

According to him, the party was built on discipline and that should be the hallmark for both leadership and membership at all times.

He cited instances where the National Executive Council of the party has been compelled to suspend some individuals who brought the reputation of the party into disrepute.

Mr. Segbefia equally elaborated on how some executives worked as individuals instead of a team in some other chapters in the diaspora - hence cautioned the chapter executives to always work as a team and use the party’s constitution as a guide at all times.

On the issue of the upcoming internal elections, he highlighted some measures in place to ensure fairness in the process but again emphasised the need for all prospective candidates to treat their contenders with the highest level of respect.

The electioneering process should be devoid of insults; rather based on issues and previous contribution towards the success of the party.

In conclusion, Mr. Segbefia used his experience as both the former NDC Chapter Chairman for UK & Ireland Chapter and as the Former Health Minister to encourage members not to doubt the extent their active participation in the party’s activities could pave way to various opportunities for them in and out of government.

Members were given the opportunity to ask some questions on the way forward into 2024 which were clearly and tactically answered by the guest speaker Mr. Alex Segbefia and Chapter Chairman, Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba to the admiration of everyone.

Comrade Awudu Sannie, Deputy Chapter Secretary delivered the closing prayer bringing the programme to a successful end.

Dr. Tabbi Wilberforce Awotwi
Communication Officer
Glasgow (Scotland) Branch

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.