The National Development Planning Commission will seek audience with Parliament in an effort to push national development plans into the constitution to make them binding on all governments.

The government white paper on recommendations of the constitution review commission rejected the move.

Civil society groups expressed disappointment at government’s rejection of the recommendation.

However Chairman of the NDPC, Paul Victor Obeng does not believe all is lost.

In an answer to a question at a mining forum in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Obeng said the commission is considering other options.

“I believe in a long term National Development framework that will guide all governments; that surely is the only way by which can ensure continuity in development.

He stated with the status quo the country can achieve very little in its development agenda.

PV Obeng expressed surprise at the government whitepaper on their proposal for the activities of the planning commission to be constitutionalised, especially when quite a number of people have accepted the proposal.

He said on the strength of his conviction he and the commission will attempt to lobby Parliament to get that proposal enacted.