Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, the Convention People’s Party’s flag bearer for the 2008 elections is to become a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Nduom, known extensively for his entrepreneurial and business acumen, will become a member of the IISD Board formally during the meeting of the Board of Directors to be held in Winnipeg, Canada later this month.

The ISSD is a non-profit, non-governmental research institute demonstrating how human ingenuity can sustainably improve the development of our global environment, economy and society. The organization works through its offices in Geneva, Ottawa and New York and has its base in Winnipeg, Canada. It receives its financial support from the Canadian Government, the Private Sector, Foundations and the United Nations.

The Institute’s international Board of Directors includes recognized experts in the areas of business, environmental science, government and international relations. Dr. Nduom will be the African on the Board that has 25 members. The Chairman of the Board is Daniel Gagnier, who was formerly Alcan Inc.’s Senior Vice President. Members of the Board include Mark Moody-stuart who is the Chairman of the Board of Anglo American plc, John Forgach who is the founder of A2R Fund Management and Banco Axial S.A. of Brazil and Vicky Sharpe, President and CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Dr. Nduom will travel to Canada to participate in the June 2009 Board Meeting.

Source: Richmond Lamptey