The Christian Council of Ghana is backing calls on the Electoral Commission to build a national consensus on its decision to compile a new voter’s register.

It follows stiff resistance by some opposition parties over the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voter’s register ahead of the December polls.

The Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voters’ Register (IPRAN) on Tuesday embarked on its latest in a series of demonstrations to demand that the Electoral Commission pulls the breaks on plans to compile a new voters’ register.

An earlier attempt by the EC to justify the need for a new electoral roll at an IPAC meeting also ended inconclusively.

But the Christian Council in a communiqué, has urged all stakeholders to make objective and constructive inputs into the discussions.

The council also reflected on the need to bring an end party militias in the country.

Acknowledging the efforts of the government and political parties in the process of formulating legislation in that regard, the Peace Council urged stakeholders to adhere to the roadmaps given.

It expressed optimism that there will be political will and public commitment to enforce the law in the upcoming elections. 

On that subject, the Council admonished that electioneering campaigns in the run-up to the elections should be free of insults and vindictiveness.

The debates on the elections should be issue-based and focused on the development agenda the candidates have for the nation.

The Christian Council also expressed worry that almost all educational reforms in this country in recent times were politically motivated.

It is of the belief, the practice must be halted if Ghanaians want to see quality education in the future.