The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has urged newly commissioned officers to take their principal responsibility of collecting revenue for the state seriously.     

Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd), Commissioner of the Customs Division of GRA, reminded the officers of their pivotal role in ensuring the success of national economic planning to facilitate development and growth, hence the need to work hard to collect enough tax revenue for the country.

Col Damoah was speaking at a spectacular graduation ceremony to duly enlist some 201 junior cadet officers into the Division after completing their course in Basic Paramilitary and Customs Training at the GRA Academy, Kpetoe in the Agotime-Ziope District of the Volta Region.     

Col Damoah said the officers, joining the Division at a time COVID-19 had dealt a serious blow to the national economy, must not relent in their efforts to find innovative ways to collect enough revenue to support national projects for socio-economic development.     

“It is my expectation that we’re going to see a total tax person enhancing revenue and promoting trade. Your passing out is coming at a period where GRA is going through a transformation agenda, which has digitised its processes to enhance revenue mobilisation with improved technology and customer-oriented service to all stakeholders.” He said.   

“We have a duty to Ghana and God and all of you must put your shoulders to the wheels to ensure we meet our revenue target. The provision of various social infrastructural facilities in the country would depend partly on how much tax revenue is collected by you and others.”     

Newly commissioned Customs officers urged to take revenue-collection seriously

The Commissioner reminded the officers that though they were also part of the National Security architecture and had the right to use arms, they had “a duty of care” and the image of GRA to protect.   

“So your arms use must be for defensive and not offensive purposes unless the situation so deserves,” he said, warning that they could attract some sanctions for indiscriminate use of arms.   

He charged the officers to be guided by the principles of integrity, fairness, professionalism, and service, accept postings to any location in the country, work to leave a legacy, and be respectful in their dealings with all stakeholders to project the GRA.     

The passing out ceremony, which was restricted to sector commanders, officials of GRA and contingents in compliance with COVID-19 protocol of avoiding large gatherings, had Jnr Cadet Moses Nsobila Adabre emerging the Overall Best Trainee after winning the Best in Weapon Handling.   

Other awardees were Jnr Cadet Patricia Adigler, Most Disciplined Trainee, Jnr Cadet Gabriel Agyapong, Best in Physical Training, Jnr Cadt Daniel Kwasi Agyei, Best in Drill, Jnr Cadet Rebecca Kotei, Best Female Trainee, and Jnr Cadet Wilberforce Kubi Appiah, Best in Academics.

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