The leader of the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Dr Yao Obed Asamoah says his party is not engaged in any formal negotiations to return to the ruling NDC, as suggested by some media reports.

Today’s edition of the Chronicle newspaper reports that the party has reunited with the NDC following a series of negotiations with top party officials.

But Dr Asamoah, a former Chairman of the NDC, told Joy News although there have been overtures from both the NDC and the NPP, there has been no formal agreement to join either party.

“It is absolutely untrue,” he maintained.

He however admitted meeting with president Mills in Tamale some time back and held some discussions about government programmes and policies.

“Apart from that, I have been obviously in touch with some ministers – because we are personal friends and because people sometimes come to me and they need some help from one ministry or the other – then I call up those that I know and say, ‘can you help so and so? That is all there is to it; there are no negotiations about going back to the NDC,” he emphasized.

The former Attorney-General will not deny or confirm if the DFP will ever form alliance or merge with the two big political parties.

“As for co-operating with one political or another, that is always a possibility,” he noted.

Asked what the status of the DFP – which splintered from the governing NDC in 2006 following a rancorous delegates’ congress – was, Dr Asamoah responded, “well, we are busy examining our future and we will come out in due course about what we want to do.”

Source: Joy News/Ghana