The two royal gates of the Yilo Krobo say nobody has been affirmed ‘Konor’ for the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area by the National House of Chiefs, contrary to what some persons have been seen circulating on social media.

According to the spokesperson of the Ologo and Akrobeto gates, King George Gardiner Adjiraco, the National House of Chiefs ordered the factions in the Yilo Krobo chieftaincy dispute to return to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs to continue with the arbitration geared towards finding a solution for the legitimacy of the paramount chief of the area.

He made this known in a press conference on Tuesday.

Addressing the media, King George Gardner Adjiraco said the false claim is brewing tension in the area.

“There’s tension all over this place. The House chiefs never endorsed anybody. They only asked us to go back to the regional house to continue with the case”.  He stated.

He expressed surprise that any group or individual could twist the order of the House of Chiefs to satisfy their whims and caprices.

“Romeo Tetteh Kofi has no paternal lineage or history from Yilo. How then can he claim to be Konor?” He quizzed.

He challenged any group or individual to make available any ruling that affirms Remeo Tetteh as Konor of Yilo Krobo.

“The House has only asked the parties to go back to the Eastern Region House of Chiefs for amicable settlement of the dispute,” the statement said.

“The self-styled Konor has never been acclaimed by any court of the land as is being speculated on social media, not even the National House of Chiefs as Konor”.

He called on the president, Nana Akuffo Addo to investigate alleged acts of corruption and political interference in the hearing of the decade long chieftaincy dispute in the traditional area.