The Northern Region Police have apprehended two alleged narcotics dealers.

Ashia Tahiru and Amina Mutala are being charged with possession of narcotic drugs, prohibited business related to narcotic drugs, supply of narcotic drugs, among others.

The two were picked up today after being trailed for months by the law enforcement agents.

The suspects have been producing toffees laced with cannabis for sale to children in the Sakaka community and other areas in the city.

Speaking to JoyNews, Northern Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga said they believe the culprits are more than two, thus with further interrogation, they will find the others.

Northern Region police arrest 2 suspected drug dealers

“Our attention was drawn to some sort of distribution network. Some toffees that were being processed by using cannabis and other materials by a certain woman who sells them to school children. So I directed the drugs law enforcement unit to go ahead with investigations. They gathered the intelligence and subsequently made sure that those people were arrested,” he said.

Superintendent Ananga said they noticed that most of the children were buying from a particular person, so they begun the investigation, which led to the discovery and subsequent arrest.

He noted that because people can make quick returns from selling these drugs, they are using unscrupulous means, including selling to children.

“It is obviously driven by the profit motive. It is very easy to make money from drugs after processing it and selling a little piece at 1 cedi. They will make about 10 times the amount of money invested,” he stated.

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