Security Analyst Colonel Festus Aboagye says the two major political parties, the ruling New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Congress must be called to order.

His call comes after a peace walk turned violent at Odododiodoo Sunday Morning.

What actually sparked the violence and its initiators are yet to be identified, however, Colonel Aboagye said the occurrence was uncalled for.

“I know the argument now is ‘who started what’ but that’s not the issue. The issue appears that ‘why would anybody want to use violence against a peaceful march. Even if one party was provoked, it didn’t warrant the use of arms by the other,” he told Ernest Manu on JoyNews’ News Desk.

The essence of the peace walk was marred by the pelting of stones and bottles by some youth from the NDC and NPP.

The incident has left many injured and others hospitalised.

Both parties have pointed accusing fingers at each other over who instigated the attacks, however, Colonel Aboagye in no uncertain terms has condemned the act.

Col. Abooagye said the occurrence should not come as a surprise as Odododiodoo is listed among the many hotspots identified in the country by the police ahead of the elections.

He said if the level of security provided for the NDC during the march was higher, the story would have been different, nevertheless, the incident is unjustifiable.   

He argued that when a march of this sort is organized out of good intentions, the party must avoid conflict-prone spots along the route of their march.

“It doesn’t show that the party is weak. But even so, that wouldn’t justify why anybody would want to use violence to disrupt a very peaceful process,” he said.

Odododioo continues to remain one of the major hotspots known for election-related violence in the country, with a total of 50 flashpoints.

It has recorded a number of electoral-related violence, with the recent attack (before Sunday’s clash) being an attack on the MP Nii Lante Vanderpuye in front of the Jamestown Police station.

According to Mr Vanderpuye, he had gone to seek bail for a journalist who had been wrongfully detained by the police during the course of his duty when some thugs he believes are members of the NPP attacked him in front of the police station.

Police said investigations are underway, however, they are yet to update the public on the outcome of said incident.

Regarding Sunday’s event, police have also assured all concerned that perpetrators will be brought to book after thorough investigations have been conducted.

Public Relations Officer of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command DSP Afia Tenge admonished the youth to desist from engaging in violent acts intended to breach the peace in the country, especially as the country heads for the polls on December 7.

She urged everyone, especially the youth to choose peaceful means rather than violence to settle scores among themselves.

“For obviously we cannot win a case through violence. No matter what, let’s choose peace over violence for violence does not pay.

“We are all one people and as such, we’ll continue to ask everyone to settle their differences through peaceful means rather than engaging in violent activities,” she added.