A youth group affiliated to the governing New Patriotic Party, Coalition of Concerned Youth has given the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) a one-week ultimatum to reverse the suspension of the Upper West regional youth organizer of the party, John Boscos Luri Tia.

According to the group, should NEC exceed the deadline, they will resort to all legal means to reinstate him.

The Upper West Regional Secretariat in a letter dated July 31, 2020 and signed by the party’s regional Chairman, S. B Kangberee suspended the youth organiser for alleged misconduct and incompetence on his part in relation to official duties.

The letter stated that his suspension was based on a unanimous vote by the Regional Executive Committee (REC) in line with the 3.1(7) of the NPP constitution. He was therefore suspended from office with immediate effect pending the outcome of investigations and disciplinary proceedings initiated against him.

But the Coalition of Concerned Youth in the region are unhappy about REC’s decision to suspend Mr John Boscos Luri Tia.

Describing the decision by the Regional Chairman as unacceptable, Spokesperson for the Coalition, Suleman Baako called on the National Executives to intervene.

He further accused Mr Kangberee of taking decisions that derail the party’s efforts to grow in the Upper West region.

“Like the unacceptable exploits of the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and the legendary King Agorkoli of Notse in the Ewe history, Chairman SB Kangberee has become the pivot of a deliberate political machine set up by unseen hands to expel many hard-working patriots who have toiled assiduously to bring the party to its feet in the Upper West Region.

“All his draconian decisions are born out of self-seeking emotions powered by an unquenchable desire to pursue his ego at the peril of the party’s health,” Mr Baako stated.

He added, “Although his inefficiencies, conspicuous absence from the Region and his bullying tendencies are not enough, his recent resolve to scatter the good will that has been gathered for the party must be condemned and stopped immediately with the alacrity that it deserves if we really want good results for our party come December this year.

“Our rage at Chairman Kangberee’s destructive tendencies have been sparked by his unilateral decision to suspend our hard working regional Youth organizer in aberration to article 11 (4) of our party’s constitution.”