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Obedience classes for cats

An Australian vet is offering one-to-one obedience classes for cats.

Nicole Hoskin claims she can train kittens to sit, stay and fetch.
One of her most challenging students so far has been a 10-week-old hearing-impaired kitten called Buzz.

The youngster needs to learn hand commands because he is unlikely to ever respond to vocal commands.

Dr Hoskin said: “He’s been dumped and is going to be harder to re-home so I’ve had to teach him to pay attention to me.

“Already he’s sitting on command and high-fiving with one paw and he can high-10 with both paws over his head.”

Originally, Dr Hoskin offered a service similar to puppy obedience classes but the project failed.

“If you get more than one cat in a room, the claws come out,” she said.
She says dogs learn just to please their owners, but cats will only pay attention for food rewards.