One person is reported dead and four others have been arrested following a shooting incident in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

It is not clear what may have sparked this latest violence but JoyNews has learnt that residents have fled to their various homes, leaving the streets empty.

Security personnel have been deployed into the town to prevent an escalation of the situation.

Some residents caught in the crossfire told JoyNews that the latest violence began at 12:00pm and ended around 3:00pm after which it erupted again.

“It all started around 12 something, so around 1, 3 thereabouts it stopped and right now everything started again. So around 1, the soldiers were in town shooting again. Let me say for the people, they are used to it. Today is a market day so everybody has gone back home,” an eyewitness said.

She stated the security personnel are not helping with the situation because they are not present at where the situation is unfolding. Instead, they have gathered elsewhere.

“The only thing that we fear is the stray bullets, so everybody is indoors. If you are outside, the soldiers will chase you inside. Bawku is now like Ukraine and Russia,” a resident stated.

Another said: “the security situation at Bawku is precarious. The security agency seems to be losing control of the situation.”

According to JoyNews‘ Albert Sore, the victim, identified as Stephen, was riding a horse from Taro to Bawku, adding that he stopped in one of Bawku’s suburbs to give water to his horse when he was shot.

According to him, it’s unclear why he was shot, however, his being shot was the catalyst for the sporadic shooting in Bawku.

Meanwhile, the Police have not spoken officially on the incident.