9-year-old Oswald gets the 'Our Day' he wished for

The mother of a 9-year-old boy who wrote a letter on things for ‘Our Day’ has revealed why his son decided to write a letter instead of just telling her.

According to Rita Gennuh, she has a habit of telling her son, “I forgot”, therefore, forcing Oswald to come up with an alternative method.

Mrs Gennuh, on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday, stated that the detailed nature of her son’s periodic letters is to keep her on her toes for her not to have any excuse.

“Sincerely, I have a habit of telling him that “I am sorry, I have forgotten” anytime he asks me to get him something. I have been doing that for some time. So in recent times, anytime he wants something, he writes it.

“So in case I come back to say that I have forgotten, he will just pull the paper out and say ‘Mummy, I wrote this.’ So if you noticed, he dated the [‘Our Day’] letter. For time evidence and what he wants in there,” she told hosts Winston Amoah and Kojo Yankson.

In a letter dated July 29, 9-year-old Oswald petitioned his mother requesting his favourite foods and beverages to make his end of academic term a memorable one.

However, after his letter was posted on Twitter by @SmylyThe3rd, what started as a mere petition to a mother has developed into a full-blown mobilisation point with many waiting patiently to see how it all unfolds at a school in Sakaman, Accra.

Speaking on how things have been following the reaction on Twitter, Mrs Gennuh said her phone has not stopped ringing.

“I am even speechless. I am so, so surprised. One thing is clear; my phone has not stopped beeping. It has been ringing throughout the night. People are calling in, sending in donations for me to buy whatever is on the list.

“People are sending in text messages so that I do not disappoint him. I had somebody calling me to remind me that I should put his iPad in his bag. I shouldn’t forget,” she recounted.