Deputy Local Government Minister, Martin Adjei-Mensah Korsah says Parliament has the opportunity to approve the 2022 budget despite the rejection by the Minority on Friday.

Speaking to JoyNews, the MP for Techiman South noted that the majority will implore the legal position on the rejection of the Budget by the Minority.

The MP said the Minority cannot only conclude the matter with their position on the Budget.

He described the rejection of the Budget by the Minority as problematic stressing that it contravenes the mandate of the constitution.

“Whatever action that had happened on the floor there is a legal position on that and so whatever the law says or what the legal position should be we will go much into that pretty soon but we believe that the matter is yet to be concluded.

“Of course, we do know that there is an opportunity for us to approve the budget which couldn’t be done last week Friday,” he told JoyNews parliamentary correspondent, Kwesi Parker-Wilson.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the Finance Minister was reported to have joined a joint caucus meeting between the Majority and Minority to reach a consensus on the approval of the 2022 Budget Estimates and Economic Policy.

The meeting was necessitated by the events of Friday, when Parliament rejected the 2022 Budget, following a series of heated exchanges between members of the Minority and Majority Caucuses.

The Minority subsequently, on November 28, outlined five conditions upon which they would accept the 2022 budget.

Critical amongst the five conditions was the call for the suspension of the 1.75% E-levy in the 2022 budget and the allocation of funds for constructing the Keta Sea Defense Project.

In addition, the Minority wants the government to withdraw the Agyapa deal and properly reconstruct paragraph 829 of the Aker Energy deal relating to GNPC’s acquisition of stake from Aker Energy and AGM Petroleum.

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