Patapaa (Credit: Instagram - @patapaa_amisty. Picture taken by Manuel Photography

Patapaa is urging his followers in Swedru not to fall for the antics of politicians in the upcoming general elections.

According to him, the Agona West MP has not been seen in the constituency since he won power, but has come to solicit for votes less than three months to the election.

Patapaa explained that the constituents have been left on their own without the MP helping to bring any form of development to the constituency.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker added that at times when the people needed him the most he ignored them.

Patapaa is, therefore, advising the constituents not go to the polls this year.

He said if the constituents are interested in giving someone a chance to represent the constituency, they should bring the aspirant to him.

Patapaa stated that together with other constituents, they will sit down with any aspirant willing to lead them.

He said the days when people took them for granted are over.