The acclaimed anti-corruption crusader and MP for Asikuma, Odoben Brakwa, has hand delivered a letter to President Mills last Friday, urging him to review the Vodafone deal because he believes it amounts to a sell off.

Hon. P.C Appiah-Ofori said a careful cost benefit analysis of the $900,000,000 said to have been paid to the Government of Ghana really means 162 million dollars, when the amount is set off against liabilities which have been imposed on the Government of Ghana.

“The Sale and Purchase agreement which Parliament approved to pave way for the sale of 70 % of Ghana’s interest in Ghana Telecom makes the provision for some expenses and liabilities to be borne by the Government.

In the agreement, the values of the liabilities imposed on the Ghana Government are clearly stated, while the values of some others are not mentioned at all.

When the liabilities with values are set off against the purchase price, the net proceeds to Ghana from the sale of 70% of Ghana’s shares stand at $161,981,037.00.”

He raised another alarming feature of the sale – the national security implications of entrusting such an asset into foreign hands – the fibre optic network and what was likely to happen if the Government is unable for one reason or the other to pay its Telecom bill, and suffer being disconnected (something which happens).

“Indeed the security of the state will suffer serious shipwreck,” Mr Appaiah-Ofori lamented.

Source: The Chronicle