Petrosol Ghana Ltd says it is committed to delivering quality fuel and lubricant to customers after receiving triple certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The certificates include ISO 9001:2015–Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:201–Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001:2018–Occupational Health and Safety Management. 

Prior to receiving the triple certification, its internal systems and processes for procuring, storing, distributing and marketing fuel and lubricants were subjected to international audit by TUV HESSEN on behalf of ISO

Speaking to Joy Business after presenting its ISO certificates to regulators at Spintex, in Accra, Chief Executive Officer of Petrosol Ghana Ltd, Michael Bozumbil said “for us, this is an external validation of what we have been doing over the years. It is a morale booster. This is also an assurance to the customer that Petrosol is committed to delivering quality fuel in full quantity”

“ To the government, it is an assurance that we will source our petroleum products from the legitimate sources and pay the right taxes to the state. All we require is state support”, he said.

Since 2014, Petrosol Ghana Ltd has made excellence its hallmark.

The indigenous company operates over 100 service stations and has paid GH¢ 568 million in taxes to government as at the end of 2020.

Michael Bozumbil  said the latest achievement will push the company to do more.

He allayed fears of the public often characterized with siting of service stations, citing internal systems that ensure safety.

Asked whether the company intends expanding its operations into the sub-region with it current status, he said that will be a strategic decision to be considered later.

Petrosol gets triple ISO certification

Head of Marketing and Strategy at Petrol Ghana, Kwasi Zigah is encouraging consumers to patronize their products as the company sticks to safety and quality standards.

“We are grateful to our consumers for believing in the Petrosol brand. They should continue patronizing our products. The value proposition of clean fuel in full quantity is guaranteed in a safe environment”

Executive Secretary of Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC), Duncan Amoah who was chairman of the event said this feat by Petrosol Ghana is a huge boost for the indigenous company.

“Over the years that we have followed the downstream, you will get all manner of complaints but never will you get any customer complaining about Petrosol”

“We see the triple certification as an affirmation of what this company has been doing already and its dealings and activities have been without scandals”

Meanwhile, Director of Corporate Affairs at National Petroleum Authority, Maria Ocquaye lauded the company and charged it to avoid unethical practices that could dent its reputation having acquired these certificates.

“This undoubtedly raises the bar for other oil marketing companies. We challenge them to emulate your hard work to rid the industry of health, safety and quality risks. We will do our best to ensure consumers get value for money and feel safe”  

Petrosol Ghana recognized some staff who have played immense role leading to this feat.

Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Republic Bank, Association of Ghana Industries among others were present to congratulate and support the company.  

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