Lay leaders within the Kaneshie Area of the Church of Pentecost have spent four days deepening their relationship with God through sound teaching and prayers.

The sessions under the chairmanship of the Kaneshie Area Apostle, Mike Etrue saw, the leaders – elders, deacons, deaconess and ministry leaders packed inside the Kaneshie Central church building.

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The event, known as Apostolisation, is an opportunity for Apostles within the church to equip and impart knowledge to lay leaders much like the relationship between Paul and his pupil Timothy.

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The topics were focussed on the tenets of the Church of Pentecost

Tamale Area Head, Apostle Nii Kotie Djani who was guest speaker opened the first of four-days session with a teaching on the church's 2018 theme 'Remain in Christ and his basic message'.

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In a teaching lasting an hour, he took the leaders through scriptures to find out what was Christ's basic message and after much drilling, reached the hard truth that it was about repentance and the kingdom of heaven.

He said Jesus' focus on these two was so extreme that even when his disciples had just performed miraculous works, he was more interested in the writing of their names in the book of life.

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He expressed worry that the lifestyle of Christians in contemporary times shows that although they have regretted their sins, they are really yet to turn to God as true repentance requires.

Every evening from Tuesday to Friday, a large army of workers filled the auditorium, braced Accra's hustle and bustle for rich fellowship.

Pastor Isaac Ekow Eshun, who is the Kaneshie District Pastor, spoke on a subject which is the nerve centre of the largest Pentecostal movement in Africa – The Holy Spirit.

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He traced the work of the busiest personality on earth from the very first day of creation when he loomed large over the surface of the deep and disorderly world to bring about creation.

The pastor with energy and enthusiasm explained that, the Holy Spirit for the period of the Old Testament, had to make do with resting on men like Gideon, Samson, Samuel, Joshua, Elijah, and Elisha to advance heaven's agenda.

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But following the game-changing event of Jesus Christ's birth, death and resurrection, the Spirit that often came and left is now headquartered in the body of believers.

His task is to embolden the believer to preach the gospel, hate sin, lover the sinner and bear fruit.

The Finance and Administration Director Ps Nicholas Darko gave a talk on tithes and offering.

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He addressed an emergence of unbelief on the payment of tithes, explaining it was an act committed before the law, adopted under the law and continued under grace.

The pastor explained that there are several types of tithes for different purposes such as the Levitical tithe (Num. 18: 2124), the tithe of the feasts (Deut. 14:22-27) and the tithe for the poor (Deut. 14:2829).

Ps Nicholas Darko urged Christians not to confuse the three. For Christians, the tithe paid is to support the church.

The Church of Pentecost is found in more than 90 countries and sustains the welfare of several pastors and missionaries who oversee the church's three million members.

In a parting exhortation, he encouraged Christians to “spend wisely, save vigorously and give generously including your tithe”

The Darkuman District Pastor, George Prah Amonoo, taught on the most anticipated event in Christendom, the second coming of Christ and the next life.

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He observed that most Christians appear to have forgotten Christ's promise to us for eternal life. This is seen in an excessive concern in transient interests and material possessions.

But the reality of His coming is littered throughout the Old and New Testaments, he said. Pastor Prah Amonoo explained that the second coming of Christ is to remove Christians from the presence of sin after they have overcome the power of sin and the penalty of sin through faith in Christ Jesus

Thus, they are only concerned about material and temporal things.

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In a closing session, the Area Head, Apostle Mike Kwame Etrue talked about the practical ways of demonstrating respect in the church.

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He encouraged members to follow the right communication channels in addressing grievances and warned against backbiting and scheming.

The Apostle, known for his deep love for Pentecostal songs, also urged church leaders to sing more of such songs noting they carry the essence of the faith and the gospel.

In the simple rectangular church of two floors, the full house listened to four days of exposition of the word of God. The building holds very important memories in the church.

The Kaneshie Central church has for decades, been the launch pad from where several assemblies have been established and missionaries called and dispatched to unheard of villages and to countries where the need for the gospel is urgent.

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