An early morning rush hour drive to work wasn’t all that smooth for some drivers on the busy Nima (Kanda) Highway in Accra on Wednesday, April 11.

That morning, while others obeyed the rules of the road, one driver cared less. He also cared less about the safety of other drivers.

In his Mitsubishi pickup, with registration number, GE 2856 – 16, he drove as if Ghana was not governed laws or the rules were simply there to be broken.

As JoyNews’ Editor, Elvis Kwashie, who witnessed that unfortunate driving – possibly could have been a casualty – reported, the pickup driver was just lawless on the road.

According to Mr Kwashie, who provided pictures to back his story, the incident happened between 6:15 am and  6:30 am that morning.

The pickup driver, who cared less about warnings from other road users, unfortunately, rammed into a tricycle.

What made matters worse was that the driver, including another occupant of the pickup vehicle, drove off after hitting the tricycle.

He sped off without looking back even though one side of his car was a bit dented in the process. 

See pictures below: