The Ghans Police Service has arrested one Michael Tyron for attacking and snatching the mobile phones of two persons at Thunder Lilly East Legon.

According to a Twitter post by the Police, two phones, two kitchen knives, a wifi device and some cash were retrieved from the suspect.

The victims immediately reported the incident to the nearest police patrol team leading to the arrest of the robber.

Tyron is currently in police custody pending processing for Court.

This is the second Twitter update on arrests this week made by the Service.

In the first incident, Solomon Kwame Boadu at race-course, a suburb of Sowutuom in the Greater Accra Region, was charged for the murder of Kwesi Wiafe, aged 73.

The deceased was found in a pool of blood with multiple cuts on his head and was pronounced dead at the Police Hospital.

The suspect was arrested by Police, who found him hiding in the ceiling of the deceased’s room. After a tip-off, an eyewitness reported hearing a loud noise and shouting emanating from the deceased’s home.

The eyewitness said the deceased was heard shouting for help from his room at about 9 pm on June 28, 2021.

The Police subsequently conducted a search at the home of the suspect and retrieved a pistol.

Meanwhile, police say the general public should follow this good example of reporting crimes to the police immediately they occur to ensure stability is maintained.

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