Agoo!! Agoo!! Shhh!! Shhh!! 

What is this that I hear? What is this that I feel? 

I can sense excitement in the air. 

There is music and merry making

They chatter away with joyous voices

In my curiosity I drew near

Behold, there stood the seat of knowledge 

Odomankoma’s own Suapon KNUST 

A city within a city, built on the land of the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana

As I drew nearer, I could hear voices

The whispers were that of praise

Praise for a mother. 

Praise for the mighty oak 

The tree whose branches know no bounds

And offers shelter to all and sundry

From the North to the South

Continued from the East to the West

Across the continent and beyond the seas

They have all come, 

Gathered together to celebrate her goodness

They recounted of her many exploits

That she just turned 3 scores and 10. 

The bearer of bearers has chalked 70 years  

The citadel of wisdom has aged

Has aged graciously in admiration

She is supple and fresh and has not lost her charm

The mother hen that nurtures many still has a mission

The bearer of nation bearers has not lost her passion 

Your influence on your generation is immeasurable

I see it in your many offspring and how well placed they are in society

Sowing seeds in their various fields of endeavor

I know of the offspring from your first born, artists and technologists.

Of your other offspring have emerged teachers and innovators 

I am very much aware of the entrepreneurs and the socialites

I have been told of the scientists and engineers and all the other professionals birthed 

And the excellence they portray everywhere they go

Though you have attained the creators prescribed old age,

I know, yes I know that you are not done with us  

That you will remain fertile forever, 

That you would continue to conceive nation builders 

That being the sage you are, your exploits will continue to be touted to the ends of the world 

What shall I do in return for your love, what can I say for your immense impact. I can eulogize you for days unending and hail you till the rains come

But there is tomorrow and so must words end at dawn.

I only have this to offer, a token of gratitude, a platinum ode. 

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