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The convenors of the FixTheCountry Movement have called on the Economic Fighters League (EFL) to provide evidence to back their claims that the it has been infiltrated by political elements or else render an apology for besmirching the Movement.

This comes on the back of the EFL quitting the FixTheCountry Movement after claiming that the youth-led pressure group has been encroached upon by persons with parochial interests.

“Sadly, the FixTheCountry conveners’ platform no longer offers a conducive environment for honest and credible mobilisation.

“The selfish interest of some appears to be driving the movement to what we feared the most, namely, that the hard work of the numerous activists will be cultivated to the benefit of certain partisan political forces or interests.

“Our independent thought is gradually being replaced with remotely controlled thinking and accountability levels are falling worryingly. The people’s movement is being lost, and we have a duty to safeguard it,” the group said at a press briefing held on Monday.

Reacting to these claims, the convenors of the FixTheCountry Movement stated that the EFL’s announcement caught them by surprise as they were still grappling with the EFL’s earlier announcement to openly support political parties and to contest in the 2024 general elections to occupy parliamentary positions.

Provide evidence to back your claims, or render apology - FixTheCountry conveners to EFL

According to the Movement, the decision to field political parties to contest in the 2024 general elections was in direct contrast to the ethos of the Movement to which the EFL belonged.

As such, discussions were being held where several proposals including members of the EFL remaining as convenors of the Movement while the organization itself exited the Movement.

Provide evidence to back your claims, or render apology - FixTheCountry conveners to EFL

“It was proposed that a vote be taken on the issue. However, the Convenors agreed that a vote on the matter should be shelved for further deliberations. In particular, it was proposed that a guiding Charter should be developed as a document that re-states our values and proposes a structure that allows for membership and a democratic structure,” the Movement said in a press statement.

The Movement revealed that they got wind of the proposed announcement at 11 pm on the eve of the EFL’s official statement declaring their exit from the Movement.

“We are dismayed that the EFL’s decision was not communicated jointly, and this has created the impression among some that the decision was made because something nefarious or dishonest was precipitating it,” they bemoaned.

They added that “We’ve made several calls to the EFL and the leader of the organization (EFL) to find reasons as to why he had to resort to lies just because the movement did not back his entry into the Partisan and Political scene, all calls mad to him has been declined or ignored.”

“The onus lies on the EFL and, Mr. Ernesto Yeboah to provide evidence that shows that the Convenors of the Movement were remotely controlled and that its ranks were infiltrated,” the Movement demanded.

The Movement stressed that any group seeking to “rescue this country from the series of bad governance will go about throwing mud on people without providing a shred of evidence to back his wild claims.”

“We call on Mr. Ernesto Yeboah to render an apology for tainting the hard-earned credibility and reputation of the numerous convenors of the movement,” the FixTheCountry Movement further demanded.

Meanwhile, they have assured the Ghanaian people of their commitment to seek social change to make this country better either through a new constitution, or through contesting for elections.