Sensational Afrobeats duo, R2Bees has revealed why their affiliation with the Starboy Worldwide music label did not stand.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, on Monday, the duo mentioned that Ghanaians did not receive news of their new partnership with the label, which belongs to Nigerian Afrobeats musician, Wizkid, well.

“The public opinion made us step back because we realized that Ghanaians did not take it so well,” they explained.

According to them, they have therefore decided to fall back and restrategize on the way forward.

Omar Sterling, a member of R2Bees, mentioned that Starboy Worldwide was created to merge strengths together with Wizkid to do bigger things.

He also stated that they had intentions of bringing Mr. Eazi on board to create a strong musical force in Africa.

“We have a serious brotherhood with Wizkid and he has a huge platform. We knew him before he had his first song and all we wanted to do is merge companies and do crazy things.”

Wizkid made a major announcement at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, after his performance, that he has signed top Ghanaian stars R2bees, Efya, and Mr. Eazi to his Starboy Worldwide label.

It was later revealed that the duo was not officially signed by Wizkid.

Omar Sterling explained that things began to dissolve the moment Wizkid made the announcement in 2016.

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