Mr Joseph Yaw Owusu-Kwarteng, Public Relations Officer of the Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme (AESDMHIS), has advised persons who have embraced the new national health policy not to think about how to use their premiums to source affordable healthcare alone, but also how the policy could be sustained for posterity to derive maximum benefit from it.

Addressing patients at the Baptist Mission Hospital at Effutu-Sankor, near Winneba, Mr Owusu-Kwarteng said the best Ghanaians could do to sustain the NHIS was to learn to adopt preventive methods of healthcare all the times.

He said this would make the scheme more cost-effective and economically strong to withstand the test of time.

He announced that management of the Awutu Effutu Senya District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme had already started sensitising its numerous clients on the preventive measures they could take to minimize attacks of malaria, which was most prevalent in every part of the District, adding that records at the various health facilities attested to that.

Mr Owusu-Kwarteng appealed to leaders of all organized groups, chiefs and assembly members to join the national crusade to regularly educate the people on environmental sanitation to rid their areas of mosquitoes, which were the main cause of the disease.

He told the people that if Ghanaians failed to adopt effective measures to protect themselves against diseases, monthly bills of the various district, municipal and metropolitan mutual health insurance schemes would keep rising and that would undermine the financial capabilities of the schemes.

Source: GNA


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