The Covid-19 Project Officer for the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisation, Christopher Agbega has hinted that persons with disabilities are being gravely affected by Covid-19.

In an interview with JoyNews, Mr Agbega highlighted depression as the most common mental health effect of the virus on persons with disabilities.

According to him, this has brought a major psychosocial complication due to the fear and anxiety accompanied by the virus or the pandemic.

“We live in a time where this pandemic has really brought us a lot of uncertainty, a lot of person with disabilities don’t even know how long they can deal with these PPEs or adhering to the laid protocols.”

Meanwhile, the Project Coordinator of the Mental Health Society of Ghana, Esenam Drah said the situation is equally affecting frontline health workers.

According to her, frontline workers are even at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders as a result of their continuous contact with patients infected with the virus.