“We won’t achieve our goals if we treat democracy as a spectator sport, hoping others will do it. They won’t. The future is in our hands.” – Bernie Sanders.

It is on the basis of the above, that I offer myself for election this Friday 12th February 2021, as the Northern region’s representative on the Council of State, a body created under article 89 of our constitution to counsel the President of the Republic on matters of state.

My decision to contest, was arrived at after extensive consultation with family, friends, leading figures in our country from the major political parties, some opinion leaders from the northern region, who have all counseled that, Ghana would be best served, if young people are part of the democratic process.

With diversity and inclusion come better decision making. What’s needed at the Council is a combination of senior citizens, women and youth.

I have a track record of making a positive difference wherever I have found myself. As Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Authority of Ghana, I spearheaded reforms that resulted in amongst others the Authority moving from an underfunded agency to one of the most well-resourced state institutions today, where we pushed and got parliament to pass in 2016 the NYA Act, that offered a guaranteed source of funding for youth activities (a substantial five percent of the DACF).

As a Member of Parliament in the last four years, I toiled and labored to ensure the actualization of the first ever Private Members’ bill, a landmark project that opens the doors for any MP to propose new bills or amend existing legislation.

A look at the official record of the proceedings of parliament in the last four years reveals our record of performance as one of the top MPs of the 7th Parliament to have made the most statements, asked the most questions, bringing Minister to appear before parliament and answer questions on their policies, decisions and expenditure, and made contributions to debate on the floor.

If delegates elect me on Friday, It would be the greatest honour of my lifetime, but more importantly, offer me a special opportunity to offer advice on behalf of the people of the northern region to the President of the Republic on matters of state. This I intend to discharge to the best of my ability.

I have, throughout my journey in politics and public life, put the national interest over and above self or partisan consideration, the kind of quality required of a member of the distinguished body of advisors to the President of the Republic.

If I get the nod, my election would signify another example of what young people can achieve, irrespective of who they are or which “big man” is not in their corner.

It will be another example of the successes we can attain as a country, if we see each other as Ghanaians first, and work together and harder for our great country.

I offer to the region and nation my youthfulness, dynamism, action oriented nature, accessibility, good listening skills which I have acquired over many years of practice as a broadcast journalist.

I would listen to the voices of the chiefs, opinion leaders and people of the region, and would at all times make their well-being the Centre-piece of my attention at the Council, so help me God.

Ras Mubarak.