Our attention has been drawn to a publication on myjoyonline.com under the heading; ‘5 Containers of Rosewood Impounded at Tema Port.’

It was reported in that story that, the containers were meant for export and were impounded at the Tema Port.

Interestingly, pictures of containers of Felisco Sun Ghana Limited containing rosewood were shown which indicate that they were the containers impounded.

The story also sought to suggest that Felisco Sun Ghana Limited is engaged in illegality since there is a ban on the harvesting, transportation and export of rosewood.

However, the said Rosewood at the center of this matter, belong to Felisco Sun Ghana Limited which have been re-auctioned to the same company, Felisco Sun Ghana Limited.

It is on record, and available documents and receipts are there to show that Forestry Commission on April 4, 2021 auctioned the Rosewood to the company.

It is also worthy of note that the contract of auctioning of the Rosewood is subject to necessary export permit issued by the Timber Industry Development Division of the Forestry Commission.

There is, however, nothing untoward in this arrangement; hence, we see the publication as a plot to destroy the Company.

We therefore urge the general public to disregard any negative publication about the company as regards the impounded rosewood at Tema Port.

Felisco Sun Ghana Limited