File photo of the Accra- Tema motorway

Government Spokesperson on Infrastructure, Kojo Frempong has disclosed that reconstruction of the Accra-Tema Motorway would commence in three months.

Kojo Frempong told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Thursday that the Ministry of Road and Highways signed the Engineering Procurement Contract in 2020, in order for works to begin in December.

“We are now arranging the funds that will come with it so that we can send it to Parliament for approval before it starts. As we speak, we expect that by December, 2021, we should be on-site beginning the motorway.”

Although in project management and development there are some delays in completing projects, he said “Our expectation is that, by December, 2021, we should be on site beginning the motorway.”

He disclosed that this project is a 36 months project, which would be completed in 2024.

“I know that about 2-3 weeks ago, Mota-Engil was in Ghana, met with the Ministry of Finance. So we’re pretty far. I think we’re at a place where we’re putting the documents together. I know that there’s a special SPV that which is going to be managing the motorway. That is also being decided on.”

“Mota-Engil have a history of making motorways around the world. They’re brilliant at it. If you see their designs, they’re just spot on,” he intimated on the Super Morning Show.

In order not to inconvenience the ordinary Ghanaian, Mr Frempong said that the motorway would still be accessible during the reconstruction process.

“What I’m privy to is that, the motorway is not going to close. So we’re going to ensure that while they’re constructing it, there’s still the opportunity to use the motorway because the traffic census on the motorway is incredible and therefore that is also going to delay the process. That is why it’s 36 months.”

He said that the reason why government is investing this much into the reconstruction of one of the most-travelled motorways in the capital, is because “Government is doing this for the peace of the people”.

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