Jessica Robbins, a renowned Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is coming to Ghana to facilitate two NLP Certification Courses.

The two courses, NLP Diploma and NLP Practitioner will see participants go through intensive four-day and one-week Certification courses. Starting on January 7, 2017, the NLP Diploma will end on January 10, 2017, and the NLP Practitioner Course ends on January 13, 2017.

The courses will be held at Conference Suite, 9 Sir Arku Korsah Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra and is targeting anyone who wants more influence and success, including Leaders, HR Professionals, Sales & Marketing Executives, Public Speakers, Coaches, Therapists and Entrepreneurs.

Coming along with Jessica is Nick Reed, a peak performance coach and trainer, specialising in helping people be, do and have the success they deserve in all aspects of their life, the four or seven-day courses are set to be transformative and life-changing.

Jennifer Agyeman, NLP Practitioner and CEO of Amazing-U, an image management consultancy and training company, the course organiser, explained “NLP Practitioner Courses have often held abroad and I believe the people of Ghana deserve to benefit from these ‘secrets of success’ that make better leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, parents, spouses, communicators and society members. 

“That is why I have entered into a partnership with Jessica Robbins Performance Solutions (UK) for this project.  Running this course in Ghana is exciting to me as it helps with my mission to make positive changes in the minds and lives of residents in Ghana who are ready and have been searching for such powerful knowledge which will create success in many spheres. 

“I am more convinced after receiving a call from someone who informed me he invested $10,000 in travelling to Dubai for his NLP Practitioner Certification and is now serving Corporate Ghana.  The courses are being offered here for a fraction of that without the need for extra travelling and associated expenses,” she said.

Renowned Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner brings courses to Accra

Jennifer Agyeman

She added that participants will use the knowledge to do great things.  “Insights will help break mental patterns, attitudes and challenges which have seemed insurmountable for many – they will feel in better control of their lives, take responsibility and contribute their quota while enjoying a new lease of life being the asset they know they can and for so long have expected to be,” she added.

Many analysts have explained that NLP can help people become more influential, cure phobias, enhance coaching skills, make better leaders managers and aid in personal development. Most importantly it’s a way of taking control of your brain, your behaviour and your results.

During the seven days, there will be training in different aspects of NLP where participants will learn all its transformational tools, such as the ability to use language in a skilled and precise way to influence people subconsciously.

“You will learn how to mend broken relationships or discover how to influence people you have felt are impossible to deal with,” the course statement noted.

Participants will also learn how to resolve internal conflicts such as “part of me wants to be successful and part of me wants a quiet life” or deeper internal conflicts such as “part of me wants to please others and part of me wants to please myself”.

Also, applicants will learn “timeline” techniques designed to change the limiting patterns that are preventing you from experiencing life in the way you want to.  “You will also learn the fast phobia cure, which will resolve any phobia or past traumatic experiences in less than an hour.

“Finally, you will be advised on how to set up a coaching practice if you wish and how to collect case studies that will accelerate your skills in NLP and thus your own potential to achieve great results in your life.”

On the final day, there is one final breakthrough exercise to ensure you leave the course on an amazing and life-changing high. “You can start your coaching practice as soon as you finish the course and there are no limits to what you can earn as a coach.”

A further search on www.amazing-u.netand help participants register online, course fees, payment details and what the fees cover which includes lunch and refreshments; course manual; ABNLP certificate; life-long membership of Jess Robbins NLP Practitioner Association; and six Free NLP Group practice sessions in Accra in 2017.

Join the small class, transform your personal and professional life, using your mind to make your dreams a reality.


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