Nurses in the Ashanti region have given the police a two-week ultimatum to find the killers of Ruth Eshun Arhin, a community health nurse who was murdered on February 3.

The Community Health Nurses Association and Ghana Registered Nurses Association want answers regarding the assailants or they will withdraw their services in Sewua first and the region in general.

Ruth Eshun Arhin, 37, was laid to rest at Sewua in the Ashanti region, on Saturday.

Murdered nurse

The mother of three did not return home after closing from work on February 3, and was later found dead the next day, a few metres from her house at Sewua.

As hundreds gathered to pay their last respects, some community nurses who spoke to Luv FM’s Erastus Donkor said they no longer feel safe in the community.

As a result, the national president of the Community Health Nurses Association of Ghana, Esther Bamfoe has called for tighter security for nurses working in the Sewua community and its environs.

Murdered nurse

“We are not safe, one person has been killed. What is the guarantee that the rest can also not be killed? So their safety is not assured now.

“We need security, they need to beef up security, we don’t know what they’ll do but they can do more to ensure that the people in this community, my people, are in safe hands,” she stressed.

The president of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association, Perpetual Ofori Ampofo, said if investigations into the matter do not produce the culprit(s) within the shortest possible time, nurses in the community and its environs will be forced to withdraw their services.

“We will not be blamed in any way it extends too much and we don’t see finality to it then, of course, we will withdraw our services from Sewua and its environs, and if it means extending it to the whole of the Ashanti region we will do that.

Murdered nurse

“The most important thing is that we want to see the police working and investigating this matter to its logical conclusion,” she said.

The two health associations, however, want the police to come out with their findings on the killing in two weeks.

 The Association has set up an education fund to take care of the three children left behind with seed money of ¢10,000.



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