Private Legal Practitioner, Samson Lardi Anyenini has expressed his dismay at the role of successive governments in the abandoning of some Chevy vehicles at the premises of the National Security Ministry.

His comment comes after Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah was arrested and allegedly assaulted by National Security Operatives for filming the cars without their permission.

According to reports, the vehicles have been abandoned for about 10 years.

Making reference to a fleet of Gallopers that suffered the same fate until they were auctioned off, Mr Anyenini was concerned about the effect of this continued practice on the nation.

“When this state took taxpayers money to go buy hundreds of galloper vehicles and kept them at the Local Government Ministry for almost 2 decades and the politicians were just playing ball with it.

“Those vehicles were not used, the vehicles were rotting. And we sat back and watched them. Each regime comes in, and they give one excuse or the other. And the vehicles were sitting there. Meanwhile, that was our money that was used to buy those vehicles,” Samson stated.

He bemoaned the state of youth unemployment in the country in the face of this apparent misuse of state funds.

“We live in a country where graduate people who even have master’s degrees can’t find a job and some of them just need one car to use as an Uber… we watched these vehicles get rotten,” he said.

He also blamed the media for sitting aloof and failing to deliver on its mandate of holding governments accountable.

“The media is supposed to do a job for the people and we have been failing in that job. And that’s why all of this mess will continue and nobody will suffer,” he said.

He, therefore, tasked the media to be up and doing in their demand for accountability from the government “because just as government institutions are created by the Constitution, the media also has been created by the Constitution and invested with power, mandate and a duty to execute. And that duty includes holding the government accountability to the people.