General-Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has condemned activities of the emerging secessionist groups in the country.

John Boadu said Ghanaians must condemn the treasonable stance of these groups, as well as their financiers.

“I think this is something that all of us must condemn outright because we have all agreed as far back as 1956 prior to independence of the nation not only by words but through legal votes.”

Mr Boadu, who addressed journalists in Hohoe during his tour to the Volta Region explained that the votes cast during the plebiscite were, of national character as well as authentic through the invitation of traditional leaders, who were not part of the process and from the area to witness the agreement processes.

He said the agreement signed only meant that the people, who took part in the 1956 plebiscite and voted to be part of Gold Coast agreed to join and remained in the country forever.

The General-Secretary noted that the calibre of people, who were involved in the process showed that there was a massive orchestration of acceptance of consensus for that decision.

He said for some people to show up with distorted history and carry out activities in areas, which were not even part of “the entire arrangement, all together assuming they had a point.”

Mr Boadu commended the government, traditional authorities and religious bodies who issued positive statements condemning the “treasonable acts.”

He added that there was the need for the youth in these areas to rally behind their traditional leaders and avoid such groups, whose activities are distorting the peace in the Volta Region and the nation at large.

“I want to see the youth of our Party from these communities also joining to let the secessionists know that if they have an agenda, the youth are not ready to associate with them. We have lived in this country and developed together.”

He noted that Ghana as a developing country may have its own challenges, but it would be inappropriate to call for disintegration due to those challenges.

The General-Secretary asked the government to be motivated by the united responses against the secessionist group and be firm in order to keep the nation safe and together and added that such movements were treasonable ones.

“I think that we have gone far, lived together and I know that it is in the collective interest of all of us to continue to live together as Ghanaians. Our neighbours come here to enjoy our services. Is that what you want? No! I don’t think so.”

He noted that the country collectively had a “force” that would show that it could withstand any aggression.

Mr Boadu said although platforms had been given to the secessionist group, the important thing to do was for citizens to resolve in squashing the activities of the group and their existence.