She asked me out on a date so she could spy on her husband

As I sat by at the bar counter sipping a cold bottle of beer and enjoying a football match, I noticed a familiar face walking by. It was someone I hadn’t seen for years but I can never forget a beautiful face. I took a second look and indeed it was Linda, a girl I had a huge crush on in university. She settled at the counter too and ordered a glass of wine. I knew Linda was married. I had heard the news through our Alumni WhatsApp group. However, that wasn’t my concern. Her husband wasn’t around and I wanted to find out if there could have been anything more between us. Besides, I was slightly intoxicated and I was feeling confident about myself.

I made my way towards her with a huge smile but I got a cold reception.

“Hi, Linda,” I said.


She didn’t even get up to hug me so I assumed she didn’t remember me.

“It’s me. Brian.”

“I know.”

After noticing that the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, I went back to my seat with my tail between my legs. I could see the waiters laughing at me which only humiliated me more.

“She has a husband, bro.” The bartender said.

“I know. I was just saying hi to her. She’s an old friend.”

“She didn’t seem that familiar with you.”

I was silent for the rest of the evening as I watched the rest of the match. Then, as the night grew older, a man came to join Linda. I knew the guy. In fact, I knew him very well. He was the manager at the club.

From their demeanour, I assumed he was her husband which the bartender confirmed.

“How does Charles know her?” I asked.

“He’s her husband.”

I had frequented the lounge almost every weekend for two years and I never saw Linda. I didn’t even know Charles was married. The way he behaved around the waitresses and other revellers, you would think he was single like a dollar bill.

She kept giggling as he stroked her back. Finally, he looked in my direction and our eyes met.

“Brian!! You’re here. Come and say hi to my wife.”

I shook her hand as if we had met for the first time then went back to my seat. Before leaving, her husband bought everyone at the counter another round which gave me a reason to stay longer.

Linda joined me as soon as her husband left and her attitude had changed. She was smiling and giggling at me. However, I was cautious this time around since I knew her husband.

“I don’t know you know my husband.” She said.

“Yeah. I’m a regular at this place. How come I’ve never seen you here?”

“I don’t go out much. Today is a special day.”

“It’s a special day indeed.”

“I need to go home but this is my number. We should meet soon.”

Before I could say anything, she walked away and I was confused by her well-endowed body. It almost felt like I was in a dream. It seemed too good to be true.

“Don’t waste this opportunity, bro.” The bartender whispered to me.

On one hand, I wanted to pursue Linda but on the other hand, I didn’t want to disrespect her husband. If he found out that I not only knew his wife but I had taken her out, I wouldn’t be able to go to the club anymore.

After thinking about it, I decided not to pursue her and went home. However, Linda had other plans.

“It was nice meeting you.” She said in a text message.

“It was nice meeting you too,” I replied almost immediately after I got her text.

“When are you taking me out?”

“Any time, but what about your husband?”

“He won’t know. He’s always at work.”

With those words, I didn’t feel as worried about her husband. I trusted Linda since I didn’t think she would do anything to risk her marriage. I followed her lead and let her plan the date.

“There’s this nice restaurant I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Okay. Whatever you want.”

“We can meet around 9 pm. I hope it won’t be crowded at that time.”

“I hope so too. God forbid we run into someone we know.” I joked not knowing this was about to happen.

“You’re so funny, Brian. That’s why I like you.”

We met at the restaurant at exactly 9 pm. Linda was already there which I was pleasantly surprised by.

“You’re a good timekeeper,” I commented.

“Of course, I can’t keep you waiting.”

“I should be the one saying that. You look so beautiful.” I complimented her but I noticed that she was distracted.

“Can we order?”

“Sure. What do you want to eat?”

“Anything. Just order for me. I’ll be back.” She said then ran out hurriedly.

When she came back, she looked like she had seen a ghost.

“I think this was a mistake. I need to leave.”

“What’s going on?”

“I feel bad for lying to you. I only asked you to meet me because I wanted to spy on my husband. Someone told me that he was having an affair with one of the waitresses at this restaurant and I wanted to see with my own eyes.”

“What? Your husband is around?”

“He isn’t. I think it was just a silly rumour.”

“We need to leave.”

Luckily, I hadn’t ordered and we were able to dash out without a lot of hassle. As we waited for the elevator, I held Linda in my arms since she looked stressed. Then, just as the elevator doors opened, I saw Linda’s husband walking out of the restaurant.

“Why are you embracing my wife?” He yelled as he walked furiously towards us.

I tried to rush into the elevator but he caught up with us and blocked the doors.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, looking at Linda.

“I knew you were cheating on me. Everyone has been telling me. I saw you with that waitress.”

“So you followed me. And you, what are you doing here?” He asked me.

“I felt bad for her and decided to accompany her.”

They started arguing loudly which caused a commotion and I was able to sneak away. Linda called me later that night letting me know that she had left her husband. However, I didn’t want to get dragged into their relationship drama so I stayed away until I was sure that her husband was no longer in the picture.

Sure enough, they got separated but Linda had already moved on with another man. Maybe I dodged a bullet because she still calls me to this day when she’s having problems with her man.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.