A student of Adansi Akrofuom Senior High School in Ashanti Region, Kwaku Frimpong, aka Owuo, has allegedly committed suicide.

The 20-year-old was found hanging in his room at Bobrease near Akrokere in the Adansi North District on Wednesday.

Speaking to Adom News correspondent, Isaac Normanyo, the deceased’s grandmother, Ama Duku recalled Frimpong had cooked food and given part to his younger brother in the evening, after which he kept the rest in his room.

According to her, she later needed the cooking utensil with which Frimpong had prepared his food so she could boil water with it.

She, remembering the deceased had used the utensil, asked his brother to go for it, but upon reaching the entrance of Kwaku Frimpong, she had to force the door to open, only to find that he had hanged himself.

“He was sitting outside with us but left to his room. He does not share his room with anyone; sometimes, he just shut it and goes to bed when he enters his room. So when he entered the room, I even thought he had gone to bed,” Ama Duku said.

“But when his brother shouted his name, usually he would have responded with a sound, but this time he didn’t, so the boy forced the door to open, then he shouted that Kwaku has hanged himself,” she added.

The assemblyman for Bobrease Electoral Area, Clifford Amakye, who expressed shock after confirming the incident, has urged the police to investigate the death.

Some friends of the deceased who were also dismayed said Frimpong was of a calm disposition, and they did not expect him to die this way.