Members of Somalia's al- Shabab militant group patrol on foot on the outskirts of Mogadishu Monday, March, 5, 2012. Analysts say that the fight against Somalia's al-Qaida linked insurgency may be moving into the north of the country, an area previously considered safer than the war-ravaged south. The move could mean that the al-Shabab militia is seeking to regroup in the semiautonomous region of Puntland after coming under heavy pressure from three foreign armies in southern Somalia. (AP Photo)

Somalia’s north-eastern semi-autonomous Puntland regional state has sentenced five al-Shabab militants to death.

The five convicts were identified as Mohamed Hashi Mumin (Abu-dayib), Abdulkadir Ahmed Ummal (Abu-Abdalla), Mohamed Ali Awke (Jeri), Mohamed Abdullahi Ayanle (Abbeyle) and Qasim Jaylani Al-Turabi, according to Radio Dalsan’s website said.

The chief of the Puntland military court, Colonel Ali Shire, said the five were found guilty of carrying out attacks targeting government officials.

The convicts have 30 days to appeal against the sentencing.

On 23 April, the same court sentenced eight al-Shabab militants to death for carrying out killings and explosions in parts of Mudug Region.