Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Bagbin has condemned the behaviour of some legislatures during his election at the inauguration of the 8th Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

The MPs-elect on the eve of the event were captured arguing over who sits on the majority or minority side of the House.

It generated into pushing and showing, calling each other names, kicking of a ballot box, snatching of ballot papers, among others, causing chaos in the chamber at the watch of the world.

At some point, military and police barged into the Chamber to maintain peace and order. This has incurred the displeasure of most Ghanaians who are calling on the Speaker to start an investigation into what happened.

Addressing the issue of what the people of Ghana expect of the 8th Parliament at the second sitting Friday, Mr Bagbin described the act as “despicable conduct unbecoming of people of honour.”

He said, “I would be remiss if I did not express my deepest regret, both as a former Member of this Parliament and a citizen of this great nation, at the rather unruly behaviour and commotion that took place on the floor of this House, last week.”

“Including the presence of armed soldiers on the floor and the breaches of the sanctity of a vote, that would otherwise attract severe punishment in connection with the election of the Speaker of the Eighth Parliament.”

“I take a strong exception to such conduct and behaviour and urge Leadership to take a serious view of it and take the necessary measures to restore the lost dignity of the august House.”

Mr Bagbin is, however, optimistic that such acts would not be repeated under his tenure.

“As Speaker, I would like to believe that the spectacle of that historic day would not be repeated. Certainly not on my watch!”

He noted, “It is at variance with the message that the good people of Ghana gave us in the 2020 election.”