Kumasi Asante Kotoko’s diminutive midfield dynamo, good old Stephen Oduro on Wednesday evening dealt Kpando Heart of Lions a devastating blow, scoring with just a minute from time to deny the roaring Lions even a point from their outstanding Week 18 league game.

Lions, hosting Kotoko at the Ohene Djan Stadium away from their usual base at Kpando where they served sanctions for fan violence, were hoping to prove themselves the usual bogey side for the league leaders, promising to deflate Kotoko’s flying hopes of annexing the 2008 league.

And Lions did not take too long to put their intentions across, taking a 15th minute lead through regular, Osei Banahene, and also making dangerous forays into the Kotoko goal area.

And when the going seemed too tough, it was once more the pair of striker Eric Bekoe and Stephen Oduro who provided the vital goals to overcome the unyielding Lions.

Bekoe provided the equaliser in the 49th minute to throw the game into a yet cagey encounter, and when it all seemed to be terminating in a draw, Stephen Oduro powered in his goal in the 89th minute to send the multitude of Kotoko followers unto the streets while Lions’ players slumped onto the pitch in disbelief at their loss.

The win puts Kotoko at 42 points and six points clear of their closest pursuers, Liberty Professionals. Kotoko still has an outstanding game away to Real Tamale United.

Author: Isaac Yeboah


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