Head Coach of the Sundanese national team, the Nile Crocodiles Hubert Flood has released his 23-member for the doubleheader qualifier of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations against Ghana later in the month.

The team, which is expected to commence camping on Thursday, March 12, is made of eight players from Al-Hilal, seven from Mars, three from Al-Ahly Shendi, two each from National Khartoum and Mars Al-Fasher, one from the White Crescent, and three from the foreign-based clubs.

Invited players are; Al-Samal Al Mirghani, Athar Al-Taher, Abdul Latif Saeed (Boya), Abu Aqleh Abdallah, Nasr Al-Din Al-Shagil, Walid Bakhit (Al-Shula), Faris Abdulha, and Mohammed Musa Al-Dai – Al-Hilal Khartoum – Ali Abu Ashreen, Upholstered Nile, Amir Kamal, Muhammad Al-Rasheed, Ramadan Ajab, Muhammad Hamed (Al-Tish), and Dhiaa Al-Din Mahjoub – Mars Khartoum – Isaac Adam, Yasser Muzammil, and Musab Kordman – The People Shendi J – Hussein Ibrahim (Al-Jarif), Moaz Abdul-Rahim (Al-Quoz) – National Khartoum – Mufaddal Al-Hassan, Musab Kordman – Mars Al-Fasher – Ahmed Ibrahim (Waddah) – The White Crescent, and from the external periodicals; Muhammad Abdul-Rahman (Algeria), Yassin Hamid ( Romania), and Ammar Tayfour (Italy).

The three foreign-based players would join the team on March 22, in Accra.

Information gathered by the GNA Sports indicates that, the team would camp in Togo and play a number of local friendly matches, before moving to Ghana on March 21.

Ghana would host Sudan on March 27, in the first leg of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) at the Cape Coast Stadium, with return leg on March 30, in Sudan.