Ghanaian Gospel musician, Tahulor Jesse is set to launch his new single.

Titled “Walanu”, which means ‘Water of Life’, the song will be launched virtually on Sunday, September 12.

At exactly 2pm prompt, his latest song that praises God Almighty in the mother tongue of the Ga people will be livestreamed.

According to Tahulor Jesse, his new release is a testimony of the good works of God in his life.

He also revealed that ‘Walanu’ will be a blessing to many Christians and serve as a means for others to draw closer to Christ Jesus.

“Most people say music is the food that feeds the soul, but it can also be a means to saving one’s soul. I believe it is an avenue to communicate with people and that is what I have always done through my music,” he said.

Tahulor Jesse to virtually launch new single 'Walanu'

Touching on why his songs are in the local dialect, the gospel musician stressed that there was a market for it. He also explained that it was to help him connect with his target audience.

“Singing in the local language helps me to connect with my roots and get my messages across in a clear manner. It is important to me that people know about the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ and the peace and joy that he can provide when accepted. Some people sing in English and others in Twi, but I believe the Ga language is beautiful and there are many people out there who love to hear songs in Ga.”

According to Mr. Jesse, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his management opted for a virtual launch to assists government’s fight against the virus.

“We know that God protects us, so we have to play our part and be safe as well. Covid-19 should not be allowed to take away our happiness. Previously, a music launch would have friends and family gathering to support but with the virus and everything, some of these things have to be cancelled,” he explained.

Walanu, which joins the growing list of songs by Jesse Tahulor was produced by King Matthew.