A new, smart transportation technology, Taxify, is set to launch in Accra with an objective of providing an even happier ride throughout the city.

Taxify, Europe and Africa’s fastest-growing ride-hailing platform will bring a new experience not just to riders but the drivers as well.

The company believed to be the biggest competitor to the Uber service, is built on a principle of happier drivers equal happier riders.

As a result, the company treats drivers better by taking only 15% commission per trip from their drivers as against the 25% commission taken from drivers by other competitor transport services.

Through the power of smart phone, Taxify operates on a three prong approach- Request, Ride, Pay and Rate.

Customers have an option of selecting the ride of their choice depending on their style and budget and within minutes the ride they requested for will come with promise of a jolly peaceful ride in the city.

With the launch in Ghana Taxify will add to its successful operations in 19 countries worldwide, including neighbouring Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

The company is promising a fairer, more transparent ride-hailing service.