The General Secretary of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has revealed that there has been a surge in teenage pregnancy due to the closure of schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thomas Musa said, statistics from the World Vision International indicates that in every district in Ghana, at least 51 teenage pregnancy were recorded.

Speaking on the Joy News’ AM Show, Monday, he said this could spell doom for young girls in school if the Free SHS admission system does not allow school heads to readmit pregnant students after delivering.

“This is telling us that the more they stay in the house, the more the challenges we would have.

“But like I said we need to put the necessary measures in place to get it done so we need to do everything to make sure we return to school and protect the future of these girls and young ones,” he added.

His comment follows President Akufo-Addo’s directive that all students from kindergarten to Junior High School will return to school on January 15.

He made this announcement during his 21st address to the nation on Sunday on government’s Covid-19 mitigation measures.

In his address, the President assured students, parents and guardians that protective protocols have been put in place in the schools to ensure the safety of students.

The General Secretary of GNAT, nonetheless, reiterated that the best way to minimise teenage pregnancy is to ensure the re-entry of pregnant girls into schools.  

“We need to keep the girls in school, and whiles the girls are in school they will certainly focus on their books and that is the only way out.”

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