The teenagers accused of killing an 11-year-old allegedly for rituals are to be officially charged with murder, according to a recommendation from the Attorney General’s Department.

Nicholas Kini and Eric Nyarko were accused of killing Ishmael Mensah in April this year.

According to reports, the two confessed to smashing the deceased’s head with a club and cement blocks after luring him to an uncompleted building.

He died instantly and was buried in the same building.

The Police reported that the two teenagers intended to retrieve the body later in the night for the money rituals.

At the hearing on Wednesday, it was disclosed that “the AG has advised that the two be charged for conspiracy to commit murder and the file forwarded to the AG’s office for further directives for the bill of indictment and the sum of evidence so we can start the trial as early as possible, which is good because everyone is interested in this case.”

The case has been scheduled for further hearing on July 15, 2021.