The Tema Divisional Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) has arrested over 20 drivers of Burkina-Faso bound heavy-duty haulage trucks.

According to the Police, the drivers illegally parked their vehicles along the Tema motorway, in breach of road traffic regulations. 

Speaking with JoyNews’ Samuel Kojo Brace, the Tema MTTD Deputy Commander, DSP Diana Sedame said “this exercise is to decongest the road.”

“This is not where they have to park. They can even cause accidents at night, especially, people driving, if they don’t know these cars are parked here, can crash into it.”

She stated that the drivers have been warned against parking there, but they failed to heed the words of the Police, noting that many of them leave their cars parked there for days.

DSP Sedame stated that the drivers would be processed for court and fined for breaking traffic regulations.

“By paying this money to the court, it will serve as a deterrent. Next time, they won’t work here,” the Tema MTTD Deputy Commander noted.

She added that Police will be stationed on the Tema motorway stretch to deter drivers from parking on the road.

DSP Sedame said if vehicles have minor faults, drivers may be allowed to park, work on their vehicles and move on as quickly as possible.