Although beetroot is very beneficial to the human body, the superfood has devastating side effects.  

The internationally recognised vegetable which can be eaten raw or made into juices impacts positively on the cardiovascular system when eaten in moderation but can be poisonous when consumed large quantities. 

Such harmful effects include liver toxicity.

The liver serves as a store of and processor of excess toxins in the body.  Beetroot facilitates the rate at which these toxins are processed and ferried to the liver. When the liver holds more toxins than it needs at a time or can process, it damages it or renders it inefficient. 


The following are some more harmful effects of excessive eating of beetroot.                                                             

Diarrhea is a side effect of excess intake of beetroot. Beetroot is one food that regulates digestion and prevents constipation. According to researchers of HEA. tube, a nutrition research hub,  too much beetroot can over regularize digestion. When this occurs it affects the lower digestive tract, causing diarrhea. 

Calcium reduction is another side effect of excess intake of beetroot.

Beetroot has the tendency to lower calcium in the body which can lead to certain bone disorders.

Then there is Temporary Paralysis. This afflicts one’s vocal chord. It happens as a result of taking excess beetroot juice.


Beeturia is another side effect. 

Beeturia refers to the red coloring of urine and poop that is caused by beetroot. According to a UK study, this effect is more common in individuals deficient in iron.

Then there is worsen kidney diseases. 

According to the Harvard Health Blog, beetroot is rich in oxalate that can cause kidney stones. If you already have stones, your doctor might advise you to quit beetroot or reduce its consumption.

Vomiting is also associated with beetroot as it occurs in people who have a low tolerance for the vegetable.

According to a report published by the Ohio Department of Health, short-term exposure to high levels of nitrites can cause stomach upset and other abdominal conditions that can lead to vomiting.

There are controversies as to whether beetroot is good for pregnant and lactating women. Pregnant women are entreated to stay away from the vegetable until after breastfeeding.