The Mic Africa has released the full list of all 18 contestants from the 6 countries that have made it to the 2020 semi-finals.

The 18 semifinalists are from Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritius, South Africa and Nigeria with each country having 3 contestants with varying talents.

Ghana is represented by Yung Pabi – MC, Nubuke – Singer and Mohawudu Graffiti Artist.

Nigeria is represented by Fecko – MC, Richie Rich – MC and Angelika Belle -Singer.

Kenya is represented by Steph – MC, PR3MIUM – MC and Ramsoh Latinho -MC

Mauritius is represented by Monster – BBoy, Lionkklash – MC and Emmanuel – Dancer.

South Africa is represented by Zulu Trash – MC, Black Psalmist – Psalms Omnyama – MC and MaLaCo – Singer.

Whilst Rwanda is represented by Muntu 621 – Graffiti Artist, Lil_K_HPB – MC and Adelard – BBoy.

The Mic Africa is a music competition and docu-series that connects African music, arts and culture with a new generation of fans worldwide.  The show will air in early December with a finale on January 3rd.

The 18 semi-finalists were selected by fans through the Take Back the Mic app and they can be spotted on with further details.

At a time when a global pandemic has created new barriers to travel and cultural exchange, while renewing focus on systemic injustices facing people of color, The Mic Africa brings communities together to celebrate the global impact of Hip Hop culture.