At 70 years old in January 2017, Donald Trump became the oldest president to be inaugurated in the history of the United States.

If Joe Biden wins on November 3, he would break this record: Biden would turn 78 before the inauguration ceremony on January 20, and would be 81 by the time the next elections come around in 2024.

Trump took the most senior president record from Ronald Reagan, who was almost 70 when he took the oath of office in 1981. Before Reagan, you would have to go back over 140 years to president William Henry Harrison.

He was 67 when he was elected in 1840, but became the shortest-lived president ever when he died of a lung infection on his 32nd day in office.
Trump and Biden share the dubious honour of being the oldest candidates ever to run for the presidency.

Republicans Bob Dole and John McCain were in their early 70s when they undertook their respective presidential campaigns. McCain lost eventually to Barack Obama, who was only 47 when he became president.

Senator Bernie Sanders would have broken all previous records had he won the Democratic primary, and eventually become president. Sanders turned 79 in September.