Inside a room full of remarkable energy supplied by young age, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Eric Nyamekye has told them, their place in God’s plan is possessing the nations.

“Possessing the nations is not for old people. It is for the young ones” he reiterated the church’s vision for the next five years with a longing that was evident in his voice.

The 53-years old Chairman appeared moved and emotional, even teary seeing the church’s campus wing PENSA in more than 380 institutions from various countries merge into PENSA International.

“This is one of the happiest days in my life”, the opening lines of his sermonette began with a confession.

“My heart and my spirit have longed to see a day like this when young people will gather and we will set them ablaze and release them to possess the nations”, the Apostle poured out.

PENSA International
Photo: Pensa Internaitional was launched at the Pentecost Convention Center at Gomoa Fetteh in the Central region on May 7, 2019.

He compared his generation to that of Moses’ – a people satisfied with great strides of the past such as their independence struggle from the enslaving Egyptian nation and had grown used to the familiar.

But with the possession of the land of Canaan still firmly God’s agenda, Mose and his generation were delaying the divine plan with their lack of movement, Eric Nyamekye said.

“God is either the Lord of Lords or He is not at all”, he said, ‘his name is above every other name’, a popular verse found in Philippians 2;11.

He also referred to the final words of the Lord’s prayer, ‘for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory” and then wondered how with such grand descriptions of God, Christians would watch on while post-modernist views run wild across the world.

The Church of Pentecost Chairman mentioned the proliferation of homosexuality and anti-Christian sexual behaviours and said the spread of these behaviours and beliefs are signs of Satan glorifying himself and “flexing his muscles”

But enter Moses’ successor – Joshua who was charged by God to take over the land promised to their patriarch, Abraham.

Weaving in his biblical analogies, he referred to the time when God approached Joshua and the nation Israel and announced ‘my servant Moses is dead.’

The Joshua generation, he said was fearless and had a pioneering spirit, the right mentality to execute God’s plan of colonising nations to uphold Christian values.

“All they cared was what came out of the mouth of the Lord. If God has said it then we will do it”, he explained this mentality.

With this mentality, Israel would break up camp and advance, taking territories promised them by God. This, he indicated, is how the church today must be modelled on – taking over nations.

Apostle Eric Nyamekye said Christians especially the youths need to change their mentality about how church should be. It should be God’s militia, he pointed out, stressing this change of mindset is absolutely crucial.

He said souls are ripe yet Christians appear to be dilly-dallying with God’s righteous work of soul winning and discipleship.

And as the Apostle spoke, he was taken over by prayer and broke up the seated audience to rise up, joining in prayers.

Present at the event was the former Chairman of the Church Apostle Opoku Onyinah, the Executive Council of the Church.

The event started with a ministration by popular Gospel Artiste Akesse Brempong, there were also ministrations by the National Youth Choir of the Church of Pentecost, as well as the Voice of Pentecost.

The Chairman of the Church of Pentecost and other Apostles then prayed for the newly inducted PENSA International Coordinating team led by Elder Dr. Patrick Adonoo.