Residents of Manso Tontokrom in the Amansie South district of the Ashanti region are alarmed by the resurgence of violent attacks in the town.

The residence of the acting chief of the town was attacked by some armed youth with guns and machetes.

The attack led to the destruction of the chief’s house as he and his family escaped from the attackers.

“I traveled for a funeral at Asante Bekwai where I met some friends and my friends who wanted to know my house for the first time pleaded to join me back to Tontokrom. We arrived at Tontokrom, my hometown around at about 7 pm,”

Nana Francis Donkor said, he sent his friends to a guest house since it was too late for them to go back.

“I had a meeting to attend at Manso Adubia the next morning, so I hurriedly visited the Guesthouse. To my shock, I met some youth and town folks numbering about eight who confronted me in front of the guest house. According to them, they had information that I have brought some “machomen” to sleep in the guest house.

They further threatened to burn the guest house should the owner failed to release my strangers to them. But I told them they were my friends who only visited me, and not machomen. So they (the youth) left,” he said.

Nana Donkor went back home to get fully prepared for the Adubia meeting. On his way, I met the youth again, this time numbering about 15, at a hospital junction. According to Nana Donkor, 3 of them were with pump action guns and the gave warning shots.

Nana Donkor’s house

“My colleague acting chief, Nana Onyina who was with me for the Adubia meeting asked me to quickly join him so that we could go for the meeting on time. So we went to the station but we had an information that the youth had blocked the road to prevent us from traveling.”

This compelled the chiefs to cancel the meeting they had arranged at Adubia.

Nana Donkor’s subsequently told her husband of plan by the assailants to attack them.

The chief’s house has been pinch-hit by stray bullets with all the glass windows destroyed by the attackers.

“My wife later told me that the youth had a meeting to attack me and burn my house. Ten minutes after my wife informed me, the youth stormed my house with guns and machetes.”

Nana Donkor says he had to call the police but couldn’t reach them. “So I later called the military stationed at Adubia and they came to intervene.

The military asked me whether I know the attackers, and I said yes. We went to search their houses but they had run away,” he said.

The acting chief, Nana Donkor Francis says the perpetrators are known natives of the town who have threatened to kill him.

An official police report has been lodged. Residents of the town say they need security protection because they are scared.

“There is no peace of mind,” a resident, Maame Konadu.

They implore the elders to step in and resolve the prevailing issues and allow peace to reign. Tontokrom has been in the spotlight recently due to cases of robbery and violence.

The town has been calm after a chieftaincy dispute was resolved. The attack on the acting chief therefore comes as a surprise to many residents.

“We are pleading with Otumfuo to listen to our plea and address the issues. Because things are getting tough on us. It is disheartening to residents, our children and teachers,” another resident pleads.

Residents are calling for police investigation into the matter.